Jaden Evanger

Game Programmer, Tech guy


Jaden is a Game Programmer that primarily works with UE4 and enjoys designing game systems and working with game networking. Jaden is currently developing Valley of Crescent Mountain, a multiplayer farming and exploration RPG with Slaughterhouse Gaming Corp.


Valley of Crescent Mountain

A multiplayer farming RPG that is currently being developed in UE4 and is currently planned to release in 2nd quarter 2018.

VoCM IndieDB Page

Cracked Ice

An action snowball throwing multiplayer game made in four days for the 2018 Unreal Engine Winter Jam in UE4.

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An action adventure game made in four days for the 2017 Unreal Engine Megajam in UE4.

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Precursor's Dawn

Created promotional cinematic with UE4 Sequencer and the game prototype.

Light of Felin (Prototype)

A zombie fighting puzzle game with a twist! You use lights in the environment to kill zombies rather than weapons. Made in UE4 for the WoA gamejam.

RoboDash (Prototype)

A robot action fighting game prototype made with UE4.  

Pastry Fortress (Prototype)

A multiplayer tower defense game prototype made in UE4 for the UE4 gamejam.

SGC Dialog Editor Utility

A little Dialog Editor written in C# that allows you to make a tree of dialog data for games to load and use for in-game conversations with NPCs.

Mr. Pop!

A mobile endless runner game made in Unity.

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